Over time, In-N-Out Burger has become a cult hit. Founded in Baldwin Park, CA back in 1948, it's become one of the most popular fast food chains in the country, valued at $1.1 billion. It's also made its president and owner quite wealthy, which is particularly impressive because she's just 30 years old.

Lynsi Torres, who inherited the company through a trust, is the youngest female billionaire in America. Her grandmother, Esther, controlled the company until her death in 2006, leaving Torres as the lone heir to the throne. She was given half of the company when she turned 30 last year, and will gain complete control when she turns 35. Despite her status, Torres maintains an impressively low profile. 

Though In-N-Out may not be as large as the other fast food giants, it excels thanks to a limited menu. This makes for consistency, and helps loyal customers easily identify favorite selections that they know will always be there.

Torres has very little management training and no college degree, but when Warren Buffett says he wants to buy your chain, you know you've done something right.

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[via Bloomberg]