The NYPD is very proud of the record-low murder rate that it saw in 2012, but they aren't as quick to say how many murder cases they actually solved. According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, the department only solved 57 percent of the city's murders last year:

The NYPD now says that it cleared 74.8% of the city's homicides in 2012, meaning that police made an arrest, or that the suspect couldn't be extradited, or was dead.

The clearance rate includes any unsolved cases from the past that were resolved in 2012, which is standard for crime statistics reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

When the cold cases aren't included, the NYPD solved 57% of the year's 419 homicides, said Paul Browne, chief spokesman for the NYPD.

In 2011, the average national clearance rate for police departments across the country was 64.8 percent. This national figure hasn't been released for 2012, but the NYPD is slightly below the standard. The clearance rate has declined over the last few years, as the portion of unsolved murders was reportedly closer to 40 percent in 2009.

[via Gothamist]