The weather has a tremendous effect on our lives from the clothes we choose to wear to where we decide to go and what to do with our time. Haze is a new app that's straightforward and easy to use. You'll never misinterpret the day or week's weather again.

Haze, available to iOS users, relies on a simple interface with tappable numbers and icons to get information across. The colorful and simplistic app boosts strong audiovisuals to help users not just see an icon or number of degrees, but to understand what's coming.

Haze shows users the 5-day forecast on a scale, displaying various factors related to sunshine, temperature and rain. Right away, you'll see which day of the week will be the coldest or warmest, or even sunniest. This might come in handy to pick a day for an outdoor or indoor event. Everything seems intuitively placed and gesture friendly. Colors and animations are super easy to grasp.

The app also displays information about sunshine hours, UV levels, cloud coverage, sunrise and sunset times on a uniquely gorgeous interface. Plus, rain chance percentages, humidity levels and atmospheric pressure.

Haze is currently available in the Apple app store for a discounted $.99.

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