Video game consoles can almost do it all these days. Gamers can stream online videos, watch DVD and Blue Ray discs but what they still can't do is give you a cold beer while you're playing. Behold, there is an arcade cabinet that can handle that task. Enter the Dreamcade Kegerator (a.k.a The Inebriation Station). The only arcade style gaming system that has three taps of dual ten gallon kegs.

In addition to serving you ice cold happiness, the Dreamcade Kegerator dazzles with a 29-inch monitor, 145 classic arcade games and an unbelievable amount of add-ons including custom buttons, 3-inch lighted trackball, a turbo twist spinner for games like Tempest and Super Breakout and custom game packs like Street Fighter, Contra and Castlevania.

The Kegerator will set you back about $4000 but the value is so worth it. If you're slick enough, maybe you can come up with a good Kickstarter campaign to hustle one up. Let us know when we can come over to help you empty those kegs.

[via Dream Arcades]