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Twitter Reacts: The 55th Grammy Awards, It was quite an interesting Grammy show this year. The Twitterverse weighed in on music's biggest night. (2/11)

You Can Still Go To The Beyoncé Concert in NYC for $2,400 Thanks To StubHub.com, After tickets quickly sold out for Beyonce's August 3 show at the Barclays Center, offers on StubHub.com began to sprout, ranging from $245.00 to $2,400.00. What's more, one StubHub user in Dallas is selling two floor seats for the July 6 show at the American Airlines Center for $9,999.00 a piece. (2/11)

Madonna Says “Cheers” to Instagram, Madonna finally joins Instagram, and it comes as no surprise that the first uploaded pictures are of cleavage and cocktails. (2/12)

Google Maps Show Location of North Korea Nuclear Tests, You can try entering the coordinates on Google Maps to see what pops up: 41.301°N, 129.066°E. Look out for the Hwasong hulag prisoner camp on the right. (2/12)

High School Student Creates App for His Stanford Application, When high school senior Alex Greene applied to Stanford’s computer science program—which the Academic Ranking of World Universities ranked as best in the world—he created his very own app to stand out amongst his competition. (2/12)

Stealthy App Posts Fake Statuses and Check-ins For You, Think your friends are the cool? Maybe not, because they might have this app that checks them into places.  (2/13)

Ticketmaster Gets With The Program, Rolls Out Digital Transfers, Users can now email tickets to other online users so long as they have an account, and the service even works with paper tickets. (2/13)

It's Official: Apple Is Developing A Wristwatch-Like Device, Apple really has 100 or so product designers working on a wristwatch-like device that can perform the same functions as an iPhone and iPad. (2/13)

Facebook Staffers Do The “Harlem Shake," Check out the Facebook staffers who gave into the Harlem Shake craze. (2/14)

President Obama to Answer Questions on Google+ Hangout, Obama hosted a “fireside chat” where Americans voiced concerns on the country's future. (2/14)

Complex Presents: Computer Love WeekIt's a brave new world we're in, folks. One where the rules are actively being written. One where no one quite knows what to make of a girl "liking" their image or retweeting them. One where your most personal of possessions—your smartphone—can turn state evidence and leave you more single than Ochocinco. This is what we'll be looking at this week: How to traverse the complicated intersection of love and technology. (2/11 - 2/15)