Couple Nickname: TomKat
Dated Between: 2005 - 2012

Thankfully, Katie Holmes recently came to her senses and escaped her marriage to diehard Scientologist Tom Cruise. But for six long years, we were extremely worried about America's former sweetheart.

During her time on Dawson's Creek, Holmes was extremely likable and sweet, even if her character spoke more eloquently than any teenager in history, and it seemed that she had a lot of potential for a good career after the series ended.

Two years later, when she began dating Cruise, however, that all seemed to change. Holmes stopped smiling, apparently began to pick up some of Cruise's Scientology beliefs, and Cruise took to having a near breakdown on Oprah while announcing his love for Holmes. Six months later, Holmes was pregnant, and the two married a few months after Suri was born.

Not much of their private life was spoken about in the tabloids, though they kept in the public eye mostly because of Cruise's films. As for Holmes's career, however, it oddly stalled. In 2005, she only appeared in two films; in 2008, she appeared in one; and in 2010, she appeared in two. That's sad for an actress who had a lot of potential. It was often joked that Cruise was keeping Holmes hostage, but considering the way she left him—literally escaping the state without his knowledge—it sort of seems like that might not have been a joke.