Couple Nickname: None
Dated Between: 2009 - Present (On/Off)

Anyone who's watched even just a single episode of Jersey Shore knows the absolute trainwreck that is Sammi and Ronnie's relationship. It's the kind that's so filled with pointless drama, crocodile tears, and enough alcohol to knock out Charles Bukowski. Perfect for reality TV, right? Turns out, only to a point.

After a season of watching the two fight like cats and dogs in gigantic arguments that took up whole episodes, we were just about as over them as their roommates seemed to be. They got together, they dated, the got drunk, they fought, they broke up—just like clockwork.

And it'd be one thing if the fights were enjoyable to watch. But, at one point, they even started growing rather violent, which isn't OK, reality TV or not. We wanted to watch Jersey Shore, not the Ron and Sam Show. Pass.