Couple Nickname: Pettygron
Dated Between: 2010 - 2011

In the beginning, Dianna and Alex's relationship seemed real enough. The story went that they met on the set of their lame little movie, I Am Number Four, and a romance blossomed. It happens all the time.

It wasn't until they broke up just after press for the film died down that we began to grow suspicious that this was just another PR stunt relationship. This has never been confirmed nor denied, but let's look at the facts:

  • The timing was just too weird. Co-stars dating can do wonders for the success of a film—look at the Twilight franchise, or True Blood—which makes the timing of the break-up, just as I Am Number Four tanked in the box office, questionable. 
  • The reason for the break-up that was given was spotty. Rumors swirled that he had a problem with jealousy to the point where Agron was "terrified" of him, but reports about Agron being jealous of Pettyfer participating in a risqué Tyler Shields photoshoot with other models popped up as well.

Whether or not this relationship was actually real or not was never really confirmed, but it's hard to deny that things definitely look a little suspicious.