Famous Parent(s): Bruce Paltrow, actor; Blythe Danner, actress
Birthdate: 9/27/1972
Occupation: Actress/singer

Gwyneth Paltrow is the daughter of Blythe Danner, a respected actress probably best known today for playing Robert DeNiro's wife in the Meet The Parents movies, and Bruce Paltrow, the late film and television director/producer who created late '70s high school basketball series The White Shadow (major props for that).

As a parent, Gwyneth may be raising famous offspring herself;  someday we may see Apple and Moses in the movies. No, not the fruit or the Biblical character, those are her kids' names.

Gwyn made the news a couple of years ago for reciting some of the lyrics to "Gangsta, Gangsta" by N.W.A on a British talk show. It's always good to have a down-ass chick on your team and Paltrow, apparently, fits the bill (you can't spell Gwyneth without G, right?).

Before those crazy Ice Cube quotations, the wife of Coldplay's Chris Martin put it down with Cee-Lo and Huey Lewis. She even portrayed an alcoholic cowgirl crooner in the movie Country Strong. She definitely loves music, and we definitely love that about Gwyneth.