Career: Writer-Producer-Director
Famous Family: Director Francis Ford Coppola (father); writer-director Roman Coppola (brother); actor Nicolas Cage (cousin)

If we included every talented Coppola family member on this list, there wouldn't be room for other families. (Apologies to The Cage.) But even in a family of creative overachievers, Sofia stands out. But let's be clear about what Sofia's talents are: writing and directing? Absolutely. Acting? Nah. (See The Godfather Part III—just kidding, don't watch it, please.)

Kathryn Bigelow may get the bigger headlines when it comes to female filmmakers, Sofia's done just as well by her gender; in 2003, she won a Best Original Screenplay Oscar for Lost in Translation, earning her family the distinction of boasting three generations of Oscar winners (her grandfather, composer Carmine Coppola, won a Best Original Score Oscar for The Godfather Part II while papa Francis Ford has won five).