Career: Actor
Famous Family: Lady Margot Lavinia Cholmondeley (mother); director John Huston (grandfather); actress Anjelica Huston (aunt); actor Danny Huston (uncle)

Like the Coppolas, talent in the Huston family is a multigenerational affair. And like the Coppolas, they're the only other family with three generations of Oscar winners. So it's impossible to declare a winner in the "who's the most talented" game.

But relative newcomer Jack, the 30-year-actor born to British royalty on one side and Hollywood royalty on the other, is certainly proving that there's no shortage of continuing talent in this family.

Born in London, Huston is best-known to American audiences as Richard Harrow, the loyal hit man and former sniper with half a face who meted out all sorts of destruction in the season finale of Boardwalk Empire. Which means we'll be seeing plenty more of him when the show returns this fall. Jack also recently announced that he and his girlfriend, Victoria's Secret model Shannan Click, are expecting their first child together. Bring on the next generation!