Address: 123 Baronne St.

Another hotel bar that manages to bring in hordes of douches both local and visiting, the Sazerac Bar has the ingredients for a cool spot, but somehow manages to shit the bed when it comes to cultivating the crowd to match. The main flaw is laying claim to the best Sazerac in town (a claim that better be backed up in this city), which is impossible, since it takes their bartenders fifteen minutes to make one, rendering the resulting libation lukewarm and suitable only for palates better suited for Shirley Temples. Just as egregious is the mix of second-rate financiers, Internet "entrepreneurs," and lawyers and the hangers-on who love them, which creates a confusing dichotomy between the sexy surroundings and the un-sexy crowd. New Orleans is full of joints that make douches feel as though they're doing it up fancy, but the ill-fitting cheap suit gang found here will leave you and your wallet feeling all too empty.