Address: 907 S Peters St.

There's a strange phenomenon in New Orleans when it comes to music. Great local acts like the Rebirth Brass Band play all over the city in small, intimate dives that deliver an experience found nowhere else. Subsequently, the same bands have to make a living, so they'll play a larger place to pay the bills. The result is a bizarre scene where musical legends are rocking the shit out of a venue in front of a sea of douchebags. Thus, we present to you the Howlin' Wolf. We have it on authority that the amount of booze and other substances needed for serious musicians to get on stage and perform here without laughing into their trombones is prodigious. Unlike the majority of D-haunts in NOLA, it's at least a multi-racial, multi-aged mix, providing the cultural anthropologist with a habitat to observe a buffet of douchebaggery up close.