Address: 4330 St Charles Ave.
Website: N/A

When considering the name of this inexplicably popular bar, images of polo-clad ex-fratboys wearing jeans with flip-flops and sporting sunglasses hanging from their neck on foam lanyards come to mind. And guess what? Those images? They're dead-on. Every southern city has one (or unfortunately, more than one) bar where Ole Miss, L.S.U., Auburn, and/or 'Bama grads congregate to perpetuate their alma mater's academic legacy (or lack thereof). This is NOLA's offering. Stop by during college football Saturdays and marvel at how heterosexual men can bring themselves to not only order, but drink "Sex On The Beach" shots, and then go home to rip bong hits while watching their hero Michael J. Fox in The Secret of My Success. Do.Not.Want.