Address: 601 Tchoupitoulas St.

One of the signature characteristics of the douche genus is a tendency to act like an overgrown manchild. Whether it's petulant behavior when they don't get their way or the need for constant attention, the douche will often revert to his childhood self. So, when a bar opens in an insufferable neighborhood and its website's homepage reads "Inner child, meet BARCADIA" you know it's fucked. Touting "50's pin-up girls on the walls, the Cure playing in the background, JENGA made out of 2x4's on the patio, and an entire wall of '80s ARCADE GAMES...", Barcadia would seem to occupy its own special ring of hell. We don't know who other than the worst of the worst would hang there, except maybe, given the chance, their children. Even then, they'd probably find it abhorrent. We'd rather go to Chuck E. Cheese. At least there, infantile antics aren't fueled by skunked tap beer. We're sure that "Boys Don't Cry" is the most commonly heard Cure track at this douche playpen. The Cure? Really?