Address: 7600 Maple St.
Website: N/A

If you walk into a bar where a steroid-fueled doorman electronically scans your ID at the door you're just asking for it. College-aged douchebags mix with just-out-of-college douchebags and douchebags-who-think-they're-still-in-college, creating a douche gumbo that will give you the worst possible case of the shits. Park yourself at the bar and take in the new ambience created by none other than the reality TV show "Bar Rescue." The show gamely tried to re-brand the dump as "Annex," which is comparable to trying to give mouth-to-mouth to someone who's been dead for two weeks. After one drink here, you'll quickly want to run screaming for the door. Alas, you'll be left sobbing helplessly where you are because your feet will be invariably stuck to the floor.