Oscar-worthy Movie: A Star Is Born (1954)

It's unbelievable that Judy Garland, the Queen of Musicals, never won an Oscar. In her tragically short life, she made 27 feature films. Still not impressed? She also made records, toured army camps during WWII, appeared on countless radio and TV shows, and performed over 1000 concerts.

Her films were beyond physically demanding: she acted, sang, and danced through them all. She pushed her body the whole of her life. During 1938's Love Finds Andy Hardy, she was given pep pills to meet the demands of her job at a young age, and sleeping pills to bring her back down to rest. As a result, she suffered from addiction and alcoholism, had a nervous breakdown, and spent time in a sanitarium.

Then she made A Star Is Born, and though her own stardom had been established long before, the Academy finally took note. The Technicolor romantic drama starred Garland as a simple farm girl, Esther, who dreamed of Hollywood, fell in love with an alcoholic star, and gave up her own career to rehabilitate him.

Garland's performance was so highly praised that she looked like a shoo-in for the Oscar in 1954. Shortly after giving birth to her son, she invited cameras into her hospital room in anticipation to give her acceptance speech. And lost.