Oscar-worthy Movie: Romance (1930)

Before Garbo retired at the age of 35 (with 28 films to her name) and shunned publicity—probably because the Academy failed to award her a statue after four nominations—she starred in Camille. That her portrayal of the courtesan, Marguerite Gautier, wasn't awarded an Oscar remains one of the greatest crimes against film. Many critics call Marguerite, a Dame in Paris who's willing to give up financial security for love, her greatest role.

Yeah, Garbo never went out publicly much, and yeah, she avoided Oscar ceremonies like the plague, but that doesn't mean the crusty members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences couldn't have shipped her that well-deserved golden boy. And that's exactly what they did in 1954, when they mailed her an honorary Oscar. Too little too late, Academy. Too little too late.