Year Introduced: 2011
Flavor Profile: This Belgian-style cookie has hints of caramel and tastes like newfound confidence.
Mouth Feel: Structured, with an enjoyably gravely finish.
Calories: 130 Calories, 5 Grams of Fat (For 4 Cookies)
What It Says About You: Your self-esteem has been worn thin after years of family members pawing at your fleshy cheeks and asking you when you'll finally bring home a nice girl. In a world of go-getters, you figure the chance of achieving greatness is unlikely. Maybe 2.2%. Every time your teeth bear down on these inspirational treats, you feel uplifted. Yes, you will "lead." You can "build." Suddenly, your sister's condescending turns of phrase seem so far away. In this moment, "Change" can be yours.