House of Cards is turning out to be an even better investment for Netflix that initially expected. In addition to being the most-watched program on the site - according to Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos - a survey conducted last week shows that the series is actually making viewers less likely to cancel their subscriptions to the site.

This is a huge step forward for Netflix, which struggled with maintaining customers after upping their subscription prices and then, ultimately, splitting streaming and DVD-by-mail services. House of Cards seems to be keeping viewers excited, which is the most important thing that execs need to do at this point. 

It's also good news for Netflix's future original programming which, of course, includes the resurrected new season of Arrested Development that's set to premiere later this year. The convenience of streaming the series makes subscribers more inclined to tune in, and the immediate availability makes it alluring because people can just watch as many episodes as they want whenever they want. Arrested Development, though one of the most genius shows of our time, tanked during its first run on Fox because of ratings, but without the pressure of advertisers, a platform like Netflix would really give it the room to be successful - and luckily, it looks like Netflix will end up benefiting as well.

If you're interested, here are the stats that the survey pulled: Apparently 90% of viewers like the fact that episodes are available immediately while 10% said they were indifferent; 22.6% of people said they canceled their cable service in favor of Netflix (which is about 6 million households); and 86% of people said House of Cards made them less likely to cancel with Netflix.

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[via Deadline]