Spotify's iOS app just got a lot less clunky, thanks to an upgrade released Wednesday. 

Cult of Mac describes the changes: 

"The app now features a sidebar that can be accessed by swiping from left to right, like Facebook’s iOS app. From the new sidebar menu you can quickly access search, new releases, radio, playlists, your inbox, friends list, and settings. You can swipe to reveal the left sidebar anywhere in the app expect when a song is filling the screen." 

But we're really big fans of the "Now Playing" bar, which displays at the bottom of the app and shows whatever you're listening to, along with an option to swipe through tracks. The feature is far more fluid than it was before, where users had to click a "Now Playing" box at the top right corner, which led back to the last track played, but not the full album. 

Now, according to Cult of Mac, "tapping the “…” next to each track in a playlist reveals a redesigned context menu that lets you add to a playlist, star, share, etc." 

You can see the full list of updates on iTunes

[via Cult of Mac]