Police in South Carolina were forced to wrangle a 302-pound man in South Carolina after he attacked a Burger King employee over cold onion rings. 32-year-old Kristopher Wiggins was charged with disorderly conduct for the incident, which went down on Jan. 29.

Wiggins reportedly Hulked out when his girlfriend was willing to accept onion rings that had been placed in a warmer "because they were cold." 34-year-old Framon Frasier told police that he promised the woman he would not serve her cold onion rings. When Wiggins demanded a refund, and Frasier repeated himself.

That's when Wiggins punched Frasier in the face and hit him with a food tray. Fraiser's glasses were broken during the melee. Wiggins is free on $5,000 bond, but one of the stipulations of his release are that he never return to Burger King.

It's a sacrifice he'll just have to make.

[via News One]