Sorry, everyone who was hoping to see Seth MacFarlane sing about boobs and make inappropriate jokes again during next year's Oscar ceremony - according to the comedian himself, he doesn't plan on returning to host the show next year. 

Responding to an inquiry on his Twitter, MacFarlane revealed that he was glad to have done the show, but this year was strictly a one-time thing:

For the record, MacFarlane's hosting the show actually did help the ceremony see a slight uptick in ratings from younger viewers: Numbers were up 11 percent for viewers between the ages of 18-34, and in total 40.3 million people tuned in, 3 percent more than last year. 

Sad news for those that liked MacFarlane's short hosting stint, yes, but look at the bright side: With MacFarlane not planning on returning, that leaves the stage open for Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to co-host together! The Golden Globes sort of rocked because of them, and even William Shatner suggested during the Oscars ceremony this year that they should host "everything." Listen to Captain Kirk, guys! Ignore his ill-fated music career.

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[via EW]