Living with your significant other can be a struggle at times because you have to adjust to someone else's, um, "habits." Ronald Howard Jr.'s girlfriend had a problem with him sitting on the couch getting his Al Bundy on, and the incident escalated to the point of Howard's arrest. 

According to The Smoking Gun, 25-year-old Shalamar Petrarca told Howard that she was disgusted by him scratching himself because she was about to eat. That's when Howard got aggressive, telling her to "stop judging him" before pushing her into a corner. Petrarca says that after scraping her ankle during a fall, she was thrown out of the house by Howard.

Howard had a different version of how it all went down. He claims that Petrarca punched him in the eye for "scratching his balls," and that he tossed her from the home because he didn't want the argument to escalate. However, the arrest report states that Howard wasn't injured, while Petrarca's injury was consistent with her story.

Howard was arrested and charged with domestic battery.

[via The Huffington Post]