Raiden hasn't had it easy. Though he is the star of Konami's newest installment of the epic Metal Gear franchise, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, homeboy has to spend his days toiling away at a private military company to make ends meet for his family. As the old saying goes: it's hard out here for a half-man-half-machine-cyborg-ninja.

The upside is that Raiden has a pretty dope sword. It's sharp. Real sharp. It can cut through whatever he needs it to. Talk about handy. And Raiden always has it on him, even when he's at work. That kind of got us thinking: if we had a sweet-ass high-frequency katana blade at our office, what would we want to slice and dice? Here are five items we decided on:

COPIER - Out of toner? More like out of luck, son. Sliced.

FRIDGE - Hey, look, it's that Tupperware that's been in there since Halloween. Diced.

PRINTER - Load letter? 'fraid not. Shredded.

VENDING MACHINE - Ate my money? Shit ain't funny. Slashed.

PHONE - Just try ringing once after five on Friday. #smithereens

The list goes on, really. So, what would you want to cut to bits and pieces?

While you're making your list, feel free to order Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance here now. That way you can satisfy all your sword-wielding urges (in the digital sense, at least) on February 19th. On guard.