Swipe-to-Kill Melee

One of the worst aspects of Resistance: Burning Skies was its reliance on the touch screen for melee attacks and it’s repeated in Killzone: Mercenary almost exactly. When you’re going to stealth-attack an enemy, you can engage a hand-to-hand coup de grace with the triangle button or a tap in the center of the Vita’s screen, but then it brings up the unfortunately familiar quick-time swiping commands that require you to take hands off the controls and finish your enemy off with finger flicks.

Guerilla Games seems to have learned at least a little from its predecessors as the game slows down considerably for the attacks, giving you a greater opportunity to position your hands and complete the motions, but the gimmick still reeks of unnecessary feature inclusion for the sake of showcasing the Vita’s features. Arguments can be made for its immersion factor, but any game that asks me to step outside the comfortable and automatic understanding of my character’s functions winds up leaving me wishing they’d at least have the option to exchange the unnecessary addition for a simple button press.