What will they think of next? Pizza Hut China has created a pizza that is topped with steamed shrimp, shrimp tempura, fish cakes, squid rings, wasabi mayonnaise, pineapple and it has crust stuffed with hot dogs. Shanghaist food editor tried it out and, well, we'll let you read what he had to say:

it tastes as terrifying as it sounds, the most hideous pairing of ingredients since The Human Centipede. It's a horrible hydra of fast food; you finish off the greasy shrimp tempura and squid rings and funky fish cakes and overripe pineapple spring up in their places. There's no flavor cohesion. The pineapple's tang, the tempura's rancidity, the squid's funk, and the sinus-scorching zing of the wasabi-mayonnaise all clash in your mouth, vying to see who can trigger the gag reflex first.

The only things salvageable are the hotdogs poking up from in the crust, which act as little escape pods that can break off uncontaminated by the clusterfuck in the center. And they're no prize. After failing to finish the "asspie," I unquit smoking just to get the taste out of my mouth.

At least they (they being Pizza Hut) were bold enough to roll the dice.

[via Gothamist]