The Nielsen Co. is expanding its definition of TV ratings after a meeting held in New York on Tuesday. 

The What Nielsen Measures Committee, a group that's been meeting for nearly a year, decided it's only fair for Nielsen to broaden the definition to include video viewing on broadband, Xbox and iPads, given our binge viewing habits and the advent of digital streaming. 

Now by September 2013, when the fall TV season kicks off, Nielsen plans to have new hardware and software in place in the nearly 23,000 homes it samples, says The Hollywood Reporter. 

Here's how it'll work: 

"Those measurement systems will capture viewership not just from the 75 percent of homes that rely on cable, satellite and over the air broadcasts but also viewing via devices that deliver video from streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon, from so-called over-the-top services and from TV enabled game systems like the X-Box and PlayStation."

iPads and Xbox will be included somewhat in the initial round of measuring, but once Nielsen enters a "second phase," the devices will be factored in "a more comprehensive fashion." The ultimate goal, said the Reporter, is "to capture video viewing of any kind from any source."

[via The Hollywood Reporter]