In need of spicing up those iPhone videos you’ve been meaning to upload? Montaj makes the process as simple as a shake.

With apps like Vine heating up social media, video sharing is getting a major place in the spotlight. Yet, editing videos on your phone hasn’t been as simple as adding a filter to a photo. Montaj, created by two Brooklyn-based developers, makes video editing child’s play.

You can either shoot five-second clips from the app itself, or trim video you’ve already shot into five-seconds and pop it into a storyboard. Once everything is in place, you can add a filter and some tunes from your phone, while still being able to adjust anything you need. Easy enough. If you’re not in the mood to dive into some editing, Montaj will do everything for you. With just a shake of your phone, the app will bring up some news shots, songs and filtersgiving you an entirely new edit. Still not feeling it? Give it another shake.

A la Instagram, you’re able to create a profile, follow friends and peep popular post on your news feed. You’ll have to get a YouTube account if you don’t already have one, since Montaj doesn’t host its own videos.

If you’re wondering why you’ll have to cut clips down to five-seconds, there’s some logic behind it. Co-founder Demir Gjokaj said that over the past few decades, Hollywood movies have had their shot duration fall from about 11 seconds to five. “What would it look like if we made movies like Hollywood?” Gjokaj says. “Your audience wants you to shoot less and pick up the pace.” — Jason Duaine Hahn

[via TechCrunch]