Mayor Michael Bloomberg sparked the ire of New York City's homeless advocates after saying that "no one is sleeping on the streets" in response to a question about whether or not shelter's are turning people away during the winter. Bloomberg has faced constant criticism for straying from the city's "code blue" rule, which makes shelters less restrictive during the winter.

Under his administration, rules require single adults to prove they have nowhere else to go before they are admitted to shelters. City Council challenged the rule, though court of appeals upheld it and the "code blue" rule had been waived during the colder months. Until this winter, that is.

It isn't quite clear why "code blue" is being ignored, but according to an "official count," there were 3,200 homeless people on the streets of New York last January. According to homeless advocates (and everyone with eyes), the number is much higher. Regardless, families are still being turned away from shelters, so where else can they go?

That's rightthe streets. Where nobody is sleeping, says Bloomberg.

[via Gothamist]