Address: 125th St. and Seventh Ave.
Status: Still standing

A well known speakers' corner in Harlem, Malcolm often took to this intersection to deliver speeches to local passersby. Contrary to the typical impromptu style, Malcolm's racially charged diatribes were an elaborate affair. Listeners brought along placards and gathered along the sidewalk to hear Malcolm speak through a microphone, a novelty for Harlem speakers.

The setup was different, but the content was largely the same "changeless angry litany," delivered in the then-Nation of Islam preacher's signature style. "Why, with all the hell you caught for the past four hundred years, you haven't got time to talk about good white folks, is that right? You haven't got time to say 'well, this white man and that white man was a liberal, so let's don't kill him.'" Certainly a tough time to be white in Harlem.