After the overwhelmingly positive response to Capcom's Street Fighter x Sanrio collaboration, the gotta-have collectibles have branched out past t-shirts and limited edition plush dolls.

Video Game accessory powerhouse Mad Catz has released a line of iPhone 5 and iPad 2 and 3 cases featuring the now famous Chun Li x Hello Kitty and Ryu x Hello Kitty. If that wasn't enough to satisfy your hunger for fist-pounding cuteness, there's also a Street Fighter x Sanrio fightstick for Xbox 360 and PS3 available. The FightSticks are competition grade with images of the Street Fighter roster Hello Kitty-rized.

Whether you grab one for the Hello Kitty fan in your life or for yourself, this is surely a must have in any video game collection. For $160 the FightStick can be yours to show off. The iPhone and iPad cases come in either Ryu or Chun Li for $35 and $45 respectively.

All is available at the Mad Catz website here.