Address: Forbes Ave. and Murray Ave., Squirrel Hill
Website: N/A
Mac Says: "Man, all those times we aimlessly walked up and down the streets around Forbes and Murray—it was the thing to do. It isn't the thing now, but when I was younger, it felt like some 1950s shit. Everyone just knew to meet at Forbes and Murray. We wouldn't take public transportation to get there, either. We used to walk everywhere. If we could walk there in under two hours, we would. Or else you'd holler at the parents for a ride. Now, you can't say the word 'walk' to me.

"I love to drive, especially in Pittsburgh. Listening to music and driving around the city without needing GPS. I love flying into Pittsburgh, then driving back from the airport. You come through the Fort Pitt Tunnels—it's the best way to come home."