When asked in a recent interview for Garage magazine who she'd kill off of her hit HBO series Girls if she had to, Lena Dunham didn't hold back or give some politically correct answer like most would. Normally, this is exactly the reason why we love her so, but in this case we're going to firmly take an opposite stance due to the answer she gave: According to Dunham, the innocent Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) is the most expendable character on the series.

"I don’t want to kill Jessa (Jemima Kirke) off because it’s too obvious. She seems like the person who’s going to drive off a cliff or contract a horrible, life-threatening disease through bad behavior — or she’s going to eat something weird and get something strange," Dunham explained. "The implications of Marnie (Allison Williams) dying would be too insane for Hannah. Which only leaves the option of Shoshanna."

Poor, innocent, sweet Shoshanna. What did you ever do to Lena Dunham? Does it have something to do with this? Be careful, sweet Jewish princess! Always wear your seatbelt!

Luckily for all of us, Girls doesn't seem to be the type of show to go through with overly dramatic soapy plotlines like some other shows featuring young pretty people that have been set in NYC, but still, the thought of Shoshanna perishing in some freak accident (hit by the cash cab?) is a sad one. Also luckily (for Shoshanna, anyway), Dunham doesn't seem too married to the idea - when asked to disregard logical plotting and choose a character, Dunham responded, "There’s something with Hannah where if Marnie dies she’d be happy, and I would be happy to be done with her fucking problems forever."

Brian Williams, your move.

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[via Refinery 29]