Journalism is a tough business, and if Jalopnik's reboot is any indication, it's about to get even harder. 

Monday morning the site debuted its new look, which features what The Verge's Tim Carmody calls a "sleek, single-column scroll replacing the busy noise typical of Gawker and other blogs' right rail."

But the real news is the launch of its commenting and posting platform, Kinja 1.0, which turns commenters into "a writer, an editor and a publisher," as Jalopnik's editor in chief Matt Hardigree explained in a blog post. The platform is expected to roll out on Gawker's other properties, which includes Jezebel, Deadspin and Kotaku

The commenting platform has all the bells and whistles of a blog, so it's a cheap way to host content that can scale, which content management systems have been proven to do, notes Carmody.

But who knows if the content will be any good.

As with anything, when you open the floor to the public, all sorts of cream and crap will rise to the surface, not all of which will be proofed by scrupulous editors. In this way, Kinja has the power to harness great talent or gradually chip away at Gawker's brand. 

[via The Verge]