An Iowa man tried to show himself a good time at a lingerie store in Davenport, IA. Jose Angel Perales, 24, was arrested after breaking into Dr. John's Lingerie Store for some frisky business.

Perales didn't break in for the cash, though. According to a court complaint, he spent about two hours trying on lingerie pieces and testing out some of the store's sex toys. 

Surveillance cameras also show Perales walking into the manager's office, stripping down to his birthday suit, and anally pleasing himself on the manager's desk and couch. Once he found his happy ending, Perales continued to roam the store, naked, trying on wigs and outfits. Maybe he was having too much of a good time to remember that his back tattoo spelled out his last name, which police later used to identify him. 

Perales exited the store with the same amount of cash he came in with, but stocked up on goodies like a blond wig, a dress, and other lingerie goodies before exiting the store.

Investigators reported that close to $2000 worth of items were either taken or worn by Perales. Because many of the items contained body fluids, officers added, it would not be able to be resold. 

[via The Smoking Gun]