Instagram reported staggering new numbers this week on its blog, confirming it has reached 100 million monthly users worldwide.

The blog post written by co-founder Kevin Systrom, takes us back to October 2010 when the world's most popular picture-sharing platform had just launched. In Instagram's shared-and-rented space, the few employees were huddled over laptops with jackets because of the poor insulation.

A few blocks away at the San Francisco Giants' stadium, the team was fighting for the NLCS title against the Philadelphia Phillies.

"Back in the office, we’d lift our heads up from code with every eruption of the fans, wondering who was at bat, what had happened, and whether the ball had made it or not. We never knew, but that wasn’t the point," Systrom writes, pointing out a major way Instagram has changed the world. The photo community allows us to share favorite moments and find pictures of current events happening right now.

The co-founder also points out incredible ways Instagram helps people share stories from remote places like Southern Sudan and fall in love right here in the states.

[via Instagram blog]