Here is Proof That Scott Disick's Life Is Better Than Yours

Here is Proof That Scott Disick's Life Is Better Than Yours

If the simple thought of Scott Disick's reality show paycheck wasn't enough to convince you that the world is unfair, the hour-by-hour breakdown of his daily life that he recently gave to Haute Living certainly will. For one, the self-proclaimed Lord Disick moisturizes every day with Crème de la Mer, 16 ounces of which can run you upwards of $1900; additionally, he doesn't wake up before 10 AM, and doesn't start working until 1 PM. In short, he's living the dream. 

The full itinerary:

10 AM Wake up shower and shave.

10:30 AM I moisturize with Crème de la Mer.

11 AM I prepare an outfit with a fine luxurious blend of the best fabrics out there on the market today, a bespoke suit from Savile Row or Tom Ford.

11: 45 AM I choose an important shoe to go with the outfit.

12 PM My biggest choice of the day is the wristwatch. If the day is professional and I know I have important meetings or am closing a business deal, I will wear what feels to be the most successful of my watches: a Patek Philippe. If my day seems more relaxed I will just wear a Rolex. If I know I have an event to go to and I want to be a little flashy I will wear one of my completely flawless diamond Jacob and Co. watches.

12:30 PM Another hard decision comes to hand: picking the right vehicle for the day. If it’s a nice day and the sun is out, I will take my Rolls Royce Drophead Convertible. If I’m in a sportier mood, I will take my 458 Ferrari. But if I’m just looking to lay back and enjoy my day, I will take my Bentley Mulsanne.

1 PM I like to get whatever business deals I’m involved in done on the early side of the day so I can be home early. Having dinner with my family is priority.

1-6 PM Most of my work is done on the phone or from a home office due to the fact I deal with a lot of people in other cities, though most are in New York. I’m sure a lot of people have no idea what it is that I do. The truth is I work in various industries. I have done a lot of private label manufacturing in the nutrition biz and have raised money for startup companies. I tend to invest money into nightlife businesses the friends of mine that are involved in nightclubs and what not.

6 PM Once my day lightens up, I like to get home and relax; I don’t like to leave once I’m there.

7 PM I have dinner with my family.

8:30 PM I love to get a little Internet time every night to research luxurious items such as cars and watches and private planes and boats.

10 PM Every night I unwind by watching old reruns of “Seinfeld.”

Weird. He always struck us as more of a Friends kind of guy.

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[via Haute Living]


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