Early last year, we told you about Complex writer Nate Denver's new book of 50-word short stories, Haunted Armor, and his Kickstarter page to get the project going. Now, we can deliver the awesome news of a signing for the newly released book going on in LA later this week - Friday, to be exact. 

The book, which is a follow up to his first collection of 50-word short stories and illustrations, Wait, You're Not a Centaur, bears the same format as the first and features vignettes about everything from centaurs to Mozart. Denver previously described the book as, "completely accessible to writers and readers" in format. "People who can't imagine writing a novel can certainly write 50 words," he said. "And people who can't imagine, or don't enjoy reading novels, often can read 50 words, especially if the words are organized in a nice way."

The event will take place this Friday, 2/15, at The Secret Headquarters on Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles. The signing is between 7-9 PM, and will also feature Denver performing a few songs as well.

For more of Denver's work, you can check out his website here.

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