Some people will attempt to steal and sell anything to finance their drug habits, but this is ridiculous. Four Long Island, NY roommates were arrested for allegedly stealing frozen shrimp so they could buy drugs. Were they high when they came up with then plan?

Sharmane Cromer and Joseph Elardo, both 34, 33-year-old James Donnellan and 22-year-old Nicole Johnson were arrested at their home last month. Police charged them with petit larceny, attempted larceny, possession of a hypodermic needle and possession of a controlled substance. 

Police pulled the gang's vehicle over on Jan. 30 where they found frozen shrimp, then determined that the group was selling them to a Chinese restaurant in the area to fund their drug habit. According to Suffolk County police, the group stole at least $2,400 worth of frozen shrimp.

Xue Chai Li, the owner of Tai Yu Chinese Restaurant, was also arrested for criminal possession of stolen property.

[via Gothamist]