Sadly for us, Christian Bale and Tom Hardy are not reuniting as buddies who team up to climb Mount Everest and learn about each other and themselves and save people from an avalanche in the meantime.

Bale is in talks to star in a "mountain climbing disaster film" based on a 1996 Everest expedition where eight people died after a snowstorm hit the mountain. Baltasar Kormakur is directing; he helmed last year's The Deep, about a fisherman whose boat capsized in the freezing water off the coast of Iceland. The script isn't finalized, but it's "sourced from various books and interviews with survivors."

Hardy is taking on a much different expedition: Sir George Mallory, the mountaineer who went on the first three climbs of Everest. He disappeared with his friend Sandy Irvine on their third attempt in 1924. 

These both sound interesting, and you can't beat a true story. We still kinda wish they'd be climbing together. At least Hardy will probably have an old-timey beard.

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[via Deadline]