We never thought we'd see the day when The Simpsons was nominated for an Academy Award, considering it's a TV show, but this just goes to show anything can happen: The long-running Fox series is on the ballot for the Oscars this year.

As for the category, it's best short film, and the feature that snagged the nom for the show certainly doesn't disappoint. It's a 4-minute long animated short featuring no dialogue and barely any other characters than Maggie and her nemesis, Baby Gerald. Titled The Longest Daycare, it originally ran before showings of Ice Age: Continental Drift, meaning any of us who didn't head to the cinemas to check out that masterpiece missed out. Luckily, though, Hulu's posted the clip in anticipation of Sunday's show.

You can check out the short above. How's this for a crazy thought: After this Sunday, we could be prefacing all mentions of The Simpsons with the term "Oscar-winning series." 

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[via Uproxx]