Victoria Jackson, a former Saturday Night Live cast member who's also a proud member of the Tea Party, recently crept back into semi-relevance by suggesting that there should be a "White History Month."

In an article posted on her personal website, Jackson bitched about Black History Month and then suggested that white men, specifically "White Christian Conservative Men," should be "loved and adored" for being the "backbone and originators of the greatest nation on earth." She blamed all of America's problems on what Alec Baldwin called a move from "white, middle-aged Christian dominance." That clearly threatens several people, including Jackson. She subsequently deleted the column, which doesn't suggest confidence in her own bullshit.

Jackson can keep praying for the Almighty White Male to save the U.S. from "God-hating communists like Alec Baldwin and Obama." She'll still only be (barely) remembered as the lame one on Celebrity Fit Club.