Bravo Has Another Reality Show About Wives For You

Bravo Has Another Reality Show About Wives For You

How many shows about the wives of the rich and powerful are there on television? Apparently, not enough, because Bravo has another one for you: This time, Married to Medicine. Based off the title, you can likely guess the subject matter - the series will follow a group of six women who are either doctors themselves or married to hotshot doctors in Atlanta, and take viewers inside "the fast-paced and drama-filled social scene of Atlanta's exclusive medical inner circle," because apparently the exclusive medical inner circle is a thing that exists.

We're sure at this point you're all wondering when you can watch this sure-to-be-a-gem of a show - that would be Sunday, March 24th at 9 PM on Bravo. You can check out a clip of the series on The Hollywood Reporter as well.

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[via The Hollywood Reporter]


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