Author: Jonathan Rosenbaum
Original publication date: 2000

World renown movie critic Jonathan Rosenbaum has a rather large chip on his shoulder, and, thankfully, he's capable of explaining himself. Having learned about cinema's high-water marks while living in Paris and writing for the hugely influential magazine Cahiers du cinéma, the Alabama-born cinephile has a strong, unwavering affinity for art-house pictures and foreign films; meaning, exactly the kinds of flicks that major studios love to soullessly remake and major chains like AMC and Regal hardly ever screen.

In Movie Wars, Rosenbaum makes a compelling argument against Hollywood's power over theater-going audiences. To him, movies have become a money game, not one of honest creativity, and he's not afraid to call out peers who've given positive reviews to crappy movies only because the studios sent them on press trips free of charge. —MB