Ruffles MAX wants customers to take a little piece of the bar home with them, so they've created "Beer-Battered Onion Ring Flavored Potato Chips." According to the company, the chips "[bring] guys the awesome flavor and delicious crunch of one of their favorite snack foods—beer battered onion rings—to a potato chip."

Frito-Lay North America Vice President of Market Tony Matta broke the creation down in greater detail:

“Guys live for those moments when they’re hanging out together at a bar, diner or tailgate party trading epic stories and munching on their favorite snacks. We wanted to incorporate that flavor for guys to share for any impromptu gathering -- just grab a bag off the shelf and throw a party with your crew.”

Exactly—a party in a bag. The Huffington Post tried them out, noting that they taste like "a pretty good onion dip, in chip form." That almost makes perfect sense; maybe even too good to be true.

[via Gothamist]