CBS's television series adaptation of the 2011 Cameron Diaz-starring film Bad Teacher looks like it's already off to a great start: According to Vulture, the series has just found its lead in the form of Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist star Ari Graynor. Anyone who's seen the indie teen film will know this role is pretty much perfect for Graynor, as she absolutely killed it playing a drunk teen for the entire duration of the film. Her character won't be a teen, of course - instead, she is described as a "hot, confident, unapologetic former trophy wife Meredith Davis, who becomes a teacher to find a new man after her husband leaves her without a dime" - but if she's anything like Diaz's character Elizabeth was in the film, many scenes will call for some good drunk/high acting.

Graynor has also signed on to produce the project.

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[via Vulture]