For most things, they say it's like riding a bike but once you're finished learning math, it isn't so easy gaining those skills back. Luckily, RobotsLab may be there to help your kids in 7th to 12th grade learn geometry, algebra or physics. Through the creation of a toolbox called "RobotsLab BOX," teachers can utilize the robot through a tablet to control all kinds of bots like, a Parrot AR drone, a Sphero robotic ball, a Mobot two-wheeled modular robot vehicle, and an Armbot robotic arm. 

Stressing the importance of offering a visual aid when learning math, RobotsLab CEO Elad Inbar said in a press release, "Students are much more engaged and excited when seeing abstract subjects, like Algebra, coming to life using robots." All benefits aside, the robot will set a school back a decent amount of pocket change at $3,500 for the standard version and $3,999 for the deluxe version with more lessons and an extended warranty. But honestly, how could you put a price on education? If it's coming out of our pockets, you say? Yeah, we would agree on that. 

[via Mashable]