Apple commercials are a lot like their products: sleek, creative and fun. Over the weekend, the company posted two ads to its YouTube channel that don't fall short of thos expectations. 

In one for the iPad, "Alive," the company touts its massive app catalog. A scrolling sound plays in the background as a series of words flash on screen, mimicking the process of searching for apps. Eventually, we land on "loud" and are shown a recording app. Then we stop at "alive" to look up Great White sharks. We also see apps for fashion and science, not to mention TED talks and movies. 

The other ad, "Dream," features Serena and Venus Williams playing table tennis against an iPhone 5 owner, who is off screen. "Ever had a really cool dream?" he asks. "I'm having one right now. I don't want to be disturbed." Then shown the "Don't Disturb" option, right before we get back to the game.

Watch "Alive" below:  


[via Cult of Mac]