That Apple dominates the smartphone market is common knowledge, but one look at the actual numbers is downright surprising. 

Not only was the company America's leading phone vendor last quarter, according to Strategy Analytics, it shipped 17.7 million phones (emphasis ours).

To be fair, mobile phone shipments have grown steadily at a rate of 4% annually from 50.2 million units in Q4 2011 to 52.0 units in Q4 2012. But considering the company walked away with a 34% chunk of the market, that's a very strong showing for an arena in which Sony, Samsung and Google are its rivals. 

Part of Apple's success can be attributed to its extensive marketing around the new iPhone 5, along with its ecosystem of apps and the iTunes store, which keep users returning time and again. Up until 2008, Samsung had held the distinction of being America's leading phone maker, so there's no doubt it's eyeing Apple's strategies closely. 

To that end, Stragegy named Samsung the market's second largest player, with LG trailing close behind with a 9% share. 

[via Venture Beat]